Church Authority Theory As Revealed In Equal Employment Opportunities Commission vs Pacific Press

Speaker: Categories: Mar 12, 1983


[59min, 34sec / 36min, 31sec]


Ms. Lorna Tobler (along with Merikay Silver) was involved in a landmark civil action against their employer, the Pacific Press Publishing Association, in 1973. Ms. Tobler has served the Adventist Church organization for 25 years in Union & Division Conferences, Loma Linda University & Pacific Press in Administration and Editorial offices. She is currently doing paralegal work in workman's compensation in San Jose, California. She is completing her M. A. in theory of government.


  1. How does Church organization express the Gospel Commission?
  2. What does Church organization have to do with male and female relationships?
  3. An update on the outcome of the E. E. O. C. Vs. Pacific Press.
  4. Is there a legitimate Christian use of the courts?

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