The Crisis at PUC

Speaker: Categories: May 14, 1983


[1hr, 1min, 52sec / 50min, 27sec]


Janice Von Pohle is an attorney in Calistoga, California and a member of the P. U. C. school board. At the request of the school administration, the board in November of 1981 established a fact-finding committee. Ms. Von Pohle served on this committee dealing with the following issues:


1. College administrators have been caught in a squeeze, trying to protect assertive faculty who sympathize with some dissenters from traditionalist trustees and denominational officials who want a further cleansing of the ranks.

2. Many were uneasy with diversity of opinion held by teachers (infringements on academic freedom).

3. Others were disturbed by the discovery that theology teachers could disagree with the "theology of the Adventist Review"

4. History teachers were" soft" on the age of the earth, or "too candid" about controversies in denominational history.

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