Lost Meaning(s) of the Seventh Day

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 Dr. Tonstad’s presentation grows out of his recent book, The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day, which recovers the profound and foundational understanding of God that can be experienced in the Sabbath. He shows that Scripture has consistently asserted that the Sabbath of Creation is the model for the Sabbath of redemption.

Tonstad argues that the seventh day is the symbol of god’s faithfulness precisely when God’s presence seems to be in doubt. He demonstrates how God, through the seventh day, seeks the benefit of all creation. Inevitably, this leads to an investigation of how this universal symbol became obscured.

This sweeping work of biblical theology and historical analysis traces the seventh day as it is woven throughout Scripture and the history of Christianity. Its twenty-seven chapters consider, among other things, the relationship of the seventh day to freedom, to social conscience, to the “greatest commandment” and to the enigmatic “rest that remains.” Tonstad traces the move away from the seventh day in early Christian history, the mindset in medieval Christianity, and the sobering long-term implications leading all the way to the Holocaust and the ecological crises in our time.

The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day will illuminate, engage, challenge and ultimately inspire readers who enjoy a serious work presented in a style that is “luminous” and a “delight to read.”



Sigve R. Tonstad, MD, PhD

Sigve Tonstad, born in Norway, completed a BA. in Theology at Middle East College and Andrews University (1974), an MD from Loma Linda University (1979), an MA in Biblical Studies at Loma Linda University (1990), and a PhD in New Testament Studies at the University of St. Andrews (2005). For a number of years he worked as minister and physician in Oslo, Norway. He has written several books and many articles in Norwegian. His books in English include The Scandals of the Bible (2000), Saving God’s Reputation: The Theological Function of Pistis Iesou in the Cosmic Narratives of Revelation and The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day.

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