All SDAF meetings now available digitally!

Since SDAF went digital last year it has been a high-priority to get all of our archived presentations digitized for immediate downloading from our website.  President Gordon Rick is very pleased to announce that largely through the efforts of Rich Hannon, Adventist Forum board member in Holladay, Utah, that this project has been finished ahead of its anticipated year-end completion.  Rich, a retired computer industry professional, has used some of his spare time in this endeavor in the past year.  For those unfamiliar with the process, here is what it takes to make digital files from the decades of available audiocassette tapes that were shipped from San Diego to Utah.

The tapes must be individually played in a recording device that converts the analog sound signals to a binary digital signal.  This must be done in real time so it takes about an hour per tape or 2 hours per SDAF meeting (and there were about 26 and a half years of meetings, i.e. 265 meetings or 530 tapes, to digitize!).  Next the new digital files were individually “cleaned” which is a digital process of removing excessive hiss, pops and crackles that may have been transferred from the tapes to the new digital files.  Finally, the cleaned digital sound files (consisting of millions of 0’s and 1’s) are uploaded (i.e. transferred) one-by-one into files on the SDAF website and the items placed into our online store.  Also, the newsletters corresponding to the meetings were scanned and the summary of each presentation extracted and, after “cleaning up” (i.e. correcting) these new digital word files, they were used for descriptions to explain the lectures’ contents and the speakers’ credentials.  While SDAF would like to encourage interested customers to visit the website and preferably purchase the downloadable mp3 audio files of the meetings, the mp3 files have also been "burned" (i.e. transferred) onto blank compact discs thereby creating new CD master discs.  This will allow customers for the first time to also order CDs of any meeting in the available SDAF archives.  Rich, thank you for a job well done—the “forum-types” of the world are forever grateful!

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