Rice returns to SDAF for 8th presentation in 31 years!

On November 10, Richard Rice, PhD, Professor of Religion at Loma Linda University, presented the San Diego Adventist Forum 2012 fall lecture entitled Does God have a Future? The Openness of God, Past and Present.

Dr. Rice’s introductory remarks dealt with the question of the importance of God, noting Jesus’ own teaching that “the greatest and first commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.” The guide to thinking about God, Dr. Rice continued, is prayer, theorizing that man thinks in “pictures, rather than propositions, metaphors, or statements” and that “good thinking about God is biblical, logical, and practical.”

The major thrust of Dr. Rice’s lecture was...

the explication of the contrast between the traditional vs. open view perspectives on God.  The traditional view declares that God is an absolute monarch—both omnipotent and immutable.  On the other hand, open theism sees God as a loving parent, who both suffers for us and who can change.  Continuing the contrast between the two views, Rice expounded on the differences in interpretation of Divine Foreknowledge, Providence, Prophecy, and Predestination.

Dr. Rice challenged the traditional view of God’s perfection (changelessness, absolute control and knowledge), asserting that “the knowledge of what changes must be changing.”  Concluding his remarks, he posed the crucial question: whether “the world is God’s invention or God’s adventure.” 

This lecture marked Rice's eighth presentation to the San Diego Adventist Forum, beginning in March 1981, with Divine Foreknowledge and Human Will.

As always, mp3 audio files of the presentation are available for immediate downloading right here on the website by clicking the "Lectures" tab.  CDs may be ordered there as well.

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