Steve Hadley Accepts Appointment as President of San Diego Adventist Forum

Although he had given the Board of Directors several months advance notice, at the fall meeting of the SDAF Board of Directors on October 8, 2014, Gordon M. Rick submitted his resignation as Chapter President, a position he had held since 2010 when he was appointed by the Board following the resignation of longtime President Jim Kaatz.

Citing the fact that he is now “almost retired” and will be spending considerably more time at the family retirement home in Canada, Gordon thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve as President during the past four challenging, yet exciting years.  He had been elected to a three-year term in December 2013 but the Board appointed Vice President Steven Hadley to fill the position through the end of the term in 2016.

Since his appointment in 2010, Gordon implemented the board-mandated change from ten to four quarterly meetings per year, managed the transition of the chapter into the digital era with the complete digitization of the chapter’s extensive audio archives, masterminded and implemented a website where membership and subscriptions can be managed online and with a webstore containing the 30-plus-year collection of over 300 recorded meetings that are now immediately downloadable as mp3 files and, finally, initiated an electronic version of the chapter newsletter that is distributed via MailChimp.  He also encouraged a revision of the chapter constitution and bylaws that includes a division of labor with multiple job descriptions that encourage much wider participation in the operation of the organization and that, when fully implemented, will result in a much more balanced workload for the officers and directors.

For the near future, Gordon will remain on the Board of Directors and will continue working on multiple chapter tasks remaining on his “SDAF to-do list” that will help make the organization more efficient.  Gordon extends heartfelt thanks to all past and present members of SDAF who have played a vital role in maintaining the health of the San Diego chapter.

Other actions at the meeting include the appointment of Paul Mugane to the Board of Directors.  The appointment of a new Vice President and a Director of Membership and Development was postponed.  The San Diego chapter will outline it vision and additional plans for the future in a subsequent news release.

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