Ferdinand and Ana Stahl - Social Activists

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Holding Graduate degrees from Boston and Harvard Universities, Dr. Teel has taught on the La Sierra University campus over the past four decades where he serves as Professor of Religion and Society in the recently named H.M.S. Richards Divinity School and Director of the Stahl Center for World Service. As a boy raised in Loma Linda of the 1950s where "we all looked alike and nobody voted until John F. Kennedy ran for the presidency", Teel heard a mission story on Fernando and Ana Stahl and the Lake Titicaca "Broken Stone Mission." Teel had no idea of the social, political, and economic witness borne by this extraordinary missionary couple until – as tourists in the Peruvian Andes – he and his wife met up with a Catholic Maryknoll Order priest from Butte, Montana. Happily surprised to learn that the Teels were Adventists, this priest exclaimed: "Then you must know the story of Fernando and Ana Stahl, Adventist missionaries who contributed to vast and lasting social changes in the Peruvian Highlands." The story began with an imaginative and fearless couple from the mid-west, who paid their own way to Peru's Lake Titicaca Basin and at once challenged and changed an unjust social order. At the time, an 8% white and mestizo elite deprived the 92% native peoples from social control and education – even the opportunity to speak Spanish or to learn to read and write. So sweeping were the changes wrought by this committed couple that the State of Puno in the Lake Titicaca area of the Peruvian Highlands has declared an Adventist Education Day honoring the lasting social, political, educational, and religious contributions rendered by this remarkable Adventist couple.

The Stahl Center is one of three major collections housed at La Sierra University along with the Middle East Archaeology Collection, and the Natural Science Collection. The Stahl Center's collection features Stahl artifacts in addition to collections of over one hundred Adventist missionaries.



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