Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves: Prevention and Proper Handling of Church-related Sexual Abuse

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Author: To date, Jennifer has written or co-written ten published books: Testimony of a Seeker (Pacific Press, 1999), A Most Precious Message (Pacific Press, 2000), I Want it All (Review and Herald, 2003), and A Deep But Dazzling Darkness (Amazing Facts Publishers, 2004), and Dying to be Beautiful (Review and Herald, 2005), A Light for the Last Days (Amazing Facts, 2006), Finding My Way in Milwaukee (Review and Herald, 2008), A Gospel Story (Michael Ministries, 2009), Twice Upon a Time (Fire Engine Publishers, 2009), 13 Weeks to Peace (Pacific Press, 2011), and 13 Weeks to Love (Pacific Press, 2015). In addition she has written countless articles, which have been published in magazines such as the Adventist Review and Liberty Magazine.


Counselor: Jennifer obtained a Master's degree in mental health counseling from Capella University in 2008. She obtained her Pennsylvania state counseling license in 2010. More important than either of these, she has life experience! In 2013, Marissa Smale, LPC, joined Jennifer to begin ABIDE Counseling practice, which is based out of their office in Philadelphia. ABIDE offers distance and face-to-face counseling, treats a wide variety of presentations, and bases its approach in biblical principles of mental health.


Musician: Over the last 30 years, Jennifer has recorded over 150 original songs. She has several professional CDs of adult and children’s music. She is known for her deep, theologically sound, emotionally resonant lyrics and her well-crafted melodies. In 2013, Jennifer, along with a group of friends, published a musical recording based on the book of Revelation called The Lamb Wins. This project has received exposure through Hope TV, The Adventist Review, Insight Magazine, Generation of Youth for Christ, and other avenues. Jennifer presented a 12-part evangelistic series at her local church based on her studies. The team is actively touring the music and promoting a 12part online study as well. Their purpose is to raise awareness of the book of Revelation and the important truths for these times.


Speaker: For many years Jennifer has been touring the world with her unique style of inspirational music. In recent years she has begun presenting seminars as well. Most seminar bookings include a Sabbath vespers concert to finish off the weekend. Her most popular seminars are Finding Peace, on individual mental health, and To Love and Be Loved, on relationship health. Jennifer is a frequent guest on Three Angels Broadcasting Network and other media outlets.

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