Global Migration: A Christian Perspective for a Current Human Phenomenon

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Global Migration: A Christian Perspective for a Current Human Phenomenon.



Dr. Parra is currently chair of the World Languages Department & ESL Program at La Sierra University. He earned his bachelor's in Spanish Language and Literature from Weber State University, his master's in Language and Literature at the University of Utah, and his Ph.D. in Romance Studies from Duke University. His academic interests and research topics are wide ranging, including: cultural studies, hemispheric studies, diaspora, migration, communities nostalgia, displacement, and belonging. His scholarly publications investigate the challenges of immigration and describe the cultural changes that immigrants face in the diaspora. The titles from recent publications include “A Glance at Identity (Trans/Con) Formation among Latino/Hispanic Communities in North America” and “Indigenous Communities: Representation, Isolation, and Dependency in ‘Yawar Fiesta and ‘Flutes of Death’”.



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