A Perspective on the 2017 General Conference Annual Meeting

Speaker: Categories: Dec 09, 2017


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Loren Seibold is currently working in the Ohio Conference, but forum members may be more familiar with his frequent articles and interviews for various publications including Adventist Today, where he also serves as executive editor, and Spectrum Magazine. His recent contributions include thoughts on the nature of truth, a perspective on the interpretation of Genesis,  interviews with Clifford Goldstein and Alden Thompson,  and numerous reports on current SDA policy dilemmas.

 Pastor Seibold's study of theology began at Walla Walla College, continued at Andrews University for his Master of Divinity, and then led to the San Francisco Theological Seminary, where he earned his Doctor of Ministry. Currently, Pastor Seibold serves in the Ohio Conference and as the executive editor of Adventist Today. For his SDAF lecture, Pastor Seibold will provide his perspective on recent General Conference proceedings.




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