Truth Decay: A Call for Accountability and Transparency in the Adventist Church

Speaker: Categories: Feb 11, 2006


[57min, 4sec / 36min, 24sec]


Challenging and questioning the decisions made by persons in leadership roles have become ever-more-common newsworthy items in recent years. Administrative actions regarding the allocation of funds for a vast array of projects seem to be of much greater interest to an increasing number of those persons providing these very monies. It may well be that the times are long since past when church members accepted the decisions made by church administrators as all inherently"God inspired"!

The February, 2006, SDAF meeting will consider one review of critical questioning of decisions made by denominational leaders - with the questions being posed by a most interested and beneficent church member. To put this questioning in context, please note the information below provided by Ed Shwisow, a close colleague and advisor of our next Forum presenter.

"Dr. Koppel's father was a multi-million dollar philanthropist to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He frequently included his son when negotiating gifts to the church. When his father died, (the elder's) estate was left mostly to the local conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The elder Koppel also left for his son several times the amount he had earned in forty years of practicing dentistry."

"Pop Koppel (Dr. Albert Koppel's father) planted the donor gene in his son who thought it only prudent to ask questions to learn if Pop's instructions and the promises of church administrators had been carried out. His concern mounted when he encountered secrecy, non-answers, refusal to communicate, obfuscation, and obscurantism."

TRUTH DECA Y, the book, tells the story. Dr. Koppel's February presentation will presume that many, if not most, of the audience will have read the book, which was made available to persons in attendance at the January, 2006, San Diego Adventist Forum meeting. Persons not obtaining the book earlier will be provided complimentary copies if attending the February 11 session.

Dr. Koppel, noteworthy SDA philanthropist, will briefly review the book, the three negative responses and the overwhelming number of positive responses to the message ofTRUTH DECAY. He will share what he considers to be interesting developments in the transparency accountability challenge saga within Adventism as experienced within at least one geographic area of North American Adventism. A written response statement from the Treasurer of the General Conference of SDAs will be read.


Albert C. Koppel, educated within the SDA school system, elementary through college, completed his graduate work in dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Oral Surgery, 1946. He has held membership in many highly-respected professional organizations and has been honored for his excellence in dentistry. In 1985 he retired after completing forty years of dental practice just three blocks from the General Conference world headquarters in the nation's capital. He has served in a variety of church leadership roles as well as doing missionary dental service outside the United States.

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