Cosmology as seen through the Hymnal

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Kendra Haloviak Valentine, Ph.D., is professor of New Testament Studies in the H. M. S. Richards Divinity School at La Sierra University.  She has earned bachelor’s degrees in Theology and English from Columbia Union College and a master’s in New Testament from Andrews University.  Haloviak Valentine completed her doctorate in New Testament and Ethics at the Graduate Theological Union in 2002.

Haloviak Valentine has served as a pastor in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland, and taught at Adventist colleges and universities in the United States and Australia.  Through her experiences as a pastor and teacher, her interest in the book of Revelation grew.  

She has presented over 30 seminars on the book of Revelation for clergy and lay audiences.


Haloviak Valentine has published in journals, magazines, and books.  Recent publications include “The Book of Revelation” in The Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics (2011), Signs to Life:  Reading and Responding to John’s Gospel (2013), Worlds at War, Nations in Song:  Dialogic Imagination and Moral Vision in the Hymns of the Book of Revelation (2015), and “Liberating Legion:  An Ecocritical, postcolonial reading of Mark 5:1-20,” in Ecotheology and Nonhuman Ethics in Society (2016).


Recent projects on the book of Revelation have included a study of slavery in the first century in order to better understand Revelation 17-18, and a revisiting of her dissertation preparing it for publication and for a new article on the tragedy of Waco twenty-five years later.  


Recent projects on Paul’s letters contributed to the Theology of Ordination Study Committee and North American Division Task Force.  


And a sabbatical to Australia, Thailand and Cambodia included collecting over 120 surveys on how people read the gospel of Mark.  She is currently working on a book that evaluates and reflects on this research.


Her husband, Gilbert Valentine, Ph.D., has written a number of books on Adventist history and theology.  He is currently working on a biography of John Nevins Andrews.



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