Reconciling the Nature of God

Speaker: Categories: Apr 08, 2006


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To what extent, if any, has your concept or understanding of God changed within the years of your adult life? Are you more comfortable now with your understanding than you were some decades ago? If not, are you actively seeking ways to help resolve some of these issues which continue to be distressing? Or, might you have given up, declaring with some words of defeat, Le.,"I'll have to wait until I get to heaven to get my answers."Have you discovered much in recent SDA publications - or sermons or Sabbath School discussions - which might have contributed toward yourbetterunderstanding of this perplexing matter?

The April SDAF presentation may be just what you've been needing to help in your frustration.

Dr. Dan Smith assures:"This lecture will wrestle with the package of questions surrounding the traditional theologies of the Atonement, and their implications for the character of God. For 2000 years theologians and laypersons have divided into God-centered theologies, and man-centered theologies: Was the Cross event a sacrifice offered primarily for God, or for man, or a combination of both? Is it possible to have a theology of the Atonement that does not at the same time do damage to a positive picture of God as a God of love, grace and mercy?"


Dan Smith notes that he was born to graduates of La Sierra University, at Paradise Valley, while my father was a young intern in San Diego! After pastoring in various churches in SECC, we went to Thailand when I was four, and grew up in a missionary family in Thailand, going to academy in Singapore. Since graduating from PUC in'74, I have pastored in Oregon, Southern California, Illinois (Hinsdale), and now SECC. I have been the senior pastor at La Sierra University Church, 2700 members, since 1994. I earned my BA from PUC,'74, my M.Div. from AU in 1979, and my D.Min. from AU, 1987. I am married to Hilda, a medical indexer, and have two sons, Alex, 14, a freshman at La Sierra Academy, and Eric, 13, still homeschooling, 7th grade. My hobbies are mission trips and projects, and golf when I get a chance!

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