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Many readers of this newsletter will probably recall Dr. Gillespie's reporting on Valuegenesis I, in two presentations given at the May and November, 1991, SDAF meetings. Some may also remember that the research seemed to affirm that SDA young people were more solidly rooted theologically than often surmised. Might the same conclusion be reached based on the most recent research study, Valuegenesis II? If so, why? If not, why not? The February 12 meeting will allow for some careful analysis of the data - and for a comparison of the most recent study with that of some years earlier.

Dr. Gillespie notes,"The Valuegenesis research project has the unique opportunity to compare two generations of Adventist young people, their values, their lifestyles, and their commitments. This study of faith, values, and commitment provides a close look at the lives and spiritual development of Adventist students in grades 6 to 12 and their concomitant commitments to the Adventist church."

"Some of the significant results,"he advises,"surround areas of values, family life, personal piety, lifestyle choices, at-risk behaviors and literally hundreds of other aspects of the growing faith lives of the young in the Adventist community."

"The discussion will provide insights into the life of the youth in the Adventist church and the relationship of the home, church, and school to making spiritual life happen during these crucial years of adolescence.”

"The study, done in 1999 and again in 2000,"assures Bailey Gillespie,"provides a look at over 24,000 young people in Adventist schools and contrasts and compares their growth, concerns, values, and interests as they relate to maturing faith and personal religious experience. In addition to this discussion, copies of the latest book,Ten Years Later: a Study of Two Generationsby V. Bailey Gillespie and Michael Donahue will be available for order at $19.95."

"The future of the Adventist church and our understanding of how to help shape faith and loyalty in the lives of our children will be the focus our discussion".

The Winter, 2005, edition of La Sierra Today, in a most timely and effective way, includes an excellent article on the Valuegenesis research. That article organizes the research findings under four headings: 1) The Importance of Faith; 2) The Importance of Grace; 3)Staying Connected to God; and 4) The Importance of Being Adventists. If you have access to this publication, do take a look at the article.


V. Bailey Gillespie, Ph.D., is a professor of theology and Christian Personality and director of the John Hancock Center for Youth and Family Ministry at La Sierra University's School of Religion. His doctoral work included emphases in Christian Personality and Religious Education. He was the primary researcher on the Valuegenesis I project which he reported to SDAF in May and November, 1991. He has had a keen and ongoing interest in studying how young people acquire and maintain faith. His publications include:Religious Conversion and Personal Identity: How and Why People Change, The Dynamics of Change, and The Experience of Faith. He has been involved in Loma Linda's study tours to the Middle East and Greece and in excavations in Israel.

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