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"And now, the rest of the story!"That short phrase which became Paul Harvey's identifying moniker might be a most appropriate introduction for the presentation by Dr. Jack Gent with Dr. Ben Herndon on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) 2004. The information which Dr. Gent has discovered through many years of searching - and researching - will likely amaze, perhaps startle, those who hear or read this challenging AAFSD topic.

One way to put this into proper context would be to ask what happens when a person's hero or heroine is found to be frail, faulty, and rather inconsistent with the image one has of that individual. How does one respond? How does one cope? How does one share such a shocking discovery, this troubling disillusionment, this major disappointment with friends and family - and the church?

This has been the experience of Dr. Jack Gent. And the saga of his spiritual journey through these years is both moving and enlightening. It may even prove helpful to others who have confronted similar challenges to theirfrom-childhood-into-adulthoodgrappling with formerly acceptable tenets of faith and practice, particularly within Adventism.

Dr. Gent notes:"When I first became willing to read the writings of Ellen White insightfully - (with an open mind) - I ran into so many statements of what she was shown by God where we were instructed to do or not do certain activities. Then I would find where she wrote where she had been doing these interdicted activities routinely for yearsafterreceiving this God-given counsel."[Editor: note AFTER] One example of such dissimilitude is the area of her counsels, scores in number, on meat eating compared with her own dietary choices for many years afterbeing shown by God....

Other aspects of similar nature, for which handout materials will be provided to the attending audience, will consider such matters as accumulation of wealth and/or debt, lifestyle (going first class or .... ?), possession of property, family relationships, and more. These will be revelations to most readers. They came across as shocking to me as the story has been unfolding via email correspondence and phone conversations over recent months.

If you're willing to have an open mind, to objectively look at the evidence which is on record and accessible to all, to give yourself permission to rethink some of what you have been taught through Sabbath School, SDA elementary-academy-college-university classes, then this is a MUST HEAR presentation. If not, it might be best to have a friend or family member tell you about it!!!


"I grew up in the Southern Illinois area,"Dr. Gent informs us,"primarily in the environs of Carbondale. I took my high school requirements at Broadview Academy in the Chicago area."Following academy graduation our family"moved to California where I attended La Sierra College for my pre-med training, then medical school at Loma Linda University from which I graduated in 1948 and then interned at the Los Angeles County Hospital."

"Following two stints with the U.S. Army, I went into family practice for the next ten years, primarily divided between Ukiah and San Bernardino, CA. I took my surgical residency at Gorgas Hospital in the Canal Zone. In 1973 I became certified in General Surgery. I received my FACS (Fellow of American College of Surgeons) in 1975."

"Following my retirement in 1990, I have been on a concentrated study to convince my Baptist friends that I could prove SDA beliefs from the Bible alone. In this supposition I had always believed - until I tried to prove it! About ten years ago the structure started to come unglued and by eight years ago I quit trying to prove the un-provable!"

Dr. Gent currently resides in Tunnel Hill, Georgia. He has offered to fly across the continent to share some of his saga, his research, and his conclusions with us. He has many friends in the Southern California area.

Dr. Ben Herndon, who will assist in the presenting of the findings made by Dr. Gent, also credits SDA schools for his educational background. (Grades 1-10 at Tulsa Junior Academy; 11-12 at Enterprise Academy; two years at Southern Junior College, now Southern Adventist University; two years at Emmanuel Missionary College, now Andrews University; then on to completion of medicine at the College of Medical Evangelists, now LLU, Class of'47. He is a certified member of the American Board of Surgery and a Fellow, American College of Surgeons. Ben and his wife Bunnie, R.N., reside in Corona, CA. He is a longtime friend and former medical colleague of Jack Gent.

Please note that neither Dr. Jack Gent nor Dr. Ben Herndon is a theologian or an academic. They are laypersons who have chosen toprove all things- even their spiritual roots. Both are octogenarians but neither is lacking in ability to research, assess, and reach conclusions objectively. They will deliver a very challenging presentation.

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