The Lo Carb Craze and the Adventist Lifestyle: Are They Compatible?

Speaker: Categories: Aug 14, 2004


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If' 'timing is everything,"then the news release,Medicare changes gears, rules that obesity is a disease, appearing in the New York Daily News of July 16, is most significant. In addition the July 15 edition ofAdventist Reviewfeatured an editorial by Stephen Chavez with an insert high-lighted:"How about a fast-food fast?"That same issue, in the Give& Take section, included a testimony by a person new in her association with Adventism who noted that she had great respect for SDAs -'They saved my daughter's life."A further response included,"Until my daughter was 3 years old, she wouldn't eat anything except Little Debbie’s. If it hadn't been for the Seventh-day Adventists, my daughter would have starved to death!"

How's all that for a preface to the August 14 SDAF presentation?

Dr Edwin Krick has provided the following overview of what he'll share in just a few weeks:

"The weight control industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Fads come and go. The latest is"Lo Carbs"and it is sweeping the country via the media, the internet and the grocery store. Nutritionists raise cautions, panelists argue over merits and success rates while the public remains confused."

"On August 14,"he continues,"we'll discuss the history ofLo Fatand nowLo Carbs, review some of the recent scientific literature in these areas, and attempt to make some practical applications of the scientific findings. The importance of doing so is abundantly clear when placed in the perspective of theGreat American Epidemic,obesity, with its associated high risk for today's killers: heart attack, cancer and stroke. One hundred years ago, with an expected life span at birth of 40 years, the killers were infectious diseases. Now the expected life span is nearing 80 and lifestyle is the primary risk factor for dying prematurely."

"Fitting this all into theAdventistlifestyle and building on our success in living up to 10 years longer will be the primary goal of our discussion."

"As a bonus for attending he notes further,"you will receive a copy ofGive Yourself a Birthday Present", a program recently adopted by the Lorna Linda University Church promoting disease prevention.


Ed Krick grew up a preacher's kid and listened to many Sabbath afternoon programs on healthful living presented by his nurse mother. Inspired by an uncle who spent fifty years as a medical missionary in Africa, he took medicine, graduated from the College of Medical Evangelists (Loma Linda) in 1961 and went to Japan for eight years. There he took the Japanese Medical Boards, and served four years in Tokyo. In Japan he reopened the SDA medical work in Kobe, site of the first Adventist hospital in the Far East.

Upon returning to the states in 1970, he earned a master’s degree in public health with emphasis in nutrition, an internal medicine residency at LLU, and then Rheumatology, Allergy, Immunology subspecialty at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla. Since 1976 he has been on the faculty at LLU holding various positions including head of the Section of Rheumatology,Director of Preventive Medicine in the School of Medicine, Dean of the School of Public Health, and Director of the Rheumatology Fellowship Program.

His wife Beverly is an active volunteer at LLUMC and is President Elect of the National Women's Auxiliary. He and Beverly were participants at the SDAF Retreat #7 in May of this year. They are both members of San Diego Adventist Forum.

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