Tradition and Enlightenment and the Genesis of Genesis

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This first meeting of the new San Diego Adventist Forum year (July 1,2002 - June 30,2003) takes a look back - a very long way back. In fact, the look will probably take us back further than many ever thought possible. Can you imagine, for instance, inhabitants on earthpredatingthe Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve?

Zane Price, the July 13 speaker and long-time supporter and member of San Diego Forum who, by the way, provided leadership for the Glendale/Los Angeles AAF Chapter for many years, has allowed his imagination and investigation to ponder the above question. As a result, he observes that SDAs have contended with thecreation chronicleof theBook of Genesisandunity of truthevident from other sources for decades. Disparity between the creation of earth and humanity, as related in Genesis, and the scientific evidence for the origins of earth and humanity as evident in the Great Book of Nature, continues to trouble us as Adventists. Recent presentations to the San Diego AAF Chapter by SDA earth scientists, publication of the book,Creation Reconsidered, by the AAF, the third quarter lesson study of 1999, and the October 17 - 22, 2001, meeting of Adventist scientists and other scholars to discuss Flood geology, sponsored by the Biblical Research Institute, indicate rather emphatically that the controversy has not abated.

Our speaker, a retired research scientist from the UCLA School of Medicine and author of the 1996 book,Atom to Adam, promises that the July Forum meeting will review the origin of the ancient Israelites andtheir ownexplanation of"beginnings,"or Bereshith, as recorded in theBook of Genesis.

Perhaps as a disclaimer (!), he adds that he is neither a theologian nor an historian."I am a professional scientist,"he affirms,"with an intense curiosity about theology, history, and the Book of Nature."

Having read this far, how'syourcuriosity? Have you, too, pondered or questioned the apparent conflicting evidence from the Bible and God's other book, thebook of nature? If so, have you found a way (or ways) to address the disparities? What sources or resources provided assistance in seeking resolution to the tensions experienced?


The background which Zane brings to the July 13 meeting is most remarkable. Unlike many who come with impressive academic credentials, he comes with an unusual saga of experience cited below.

"I received a B.A. in biology from WWC in June of 1950, and began work on a Masters at the Anacortes Marine Station. I had completed the summer quarter, when I received word that I had been accepted as a graduate student by the Department of Infectious Diseases of the new UCLA School of Medicine.

A few months after I arrived on campus, the university and chairman of the department received the gift of an electron microscope from the Hitachi Corporation and the Nina Anderson Foundation. The invention of the electron microscope just prior to WW II had become the focal point for the transformation of the science of biology. The instrument opened, for the first time, visual access to the submicroscopic structure and function of viruses, microbes and organelles of the cell. The current marvels of DNA analysis, genetic engineering, cloning, and stem-cell biology are some of the results of that transformation.

As often happens with the advent of new technology, the need for people familiar with the fundamentals of the technology exceeded the supply. As I was the only person in the department with experience in research microscopy and electronics, I was asked to organize a new laboratory devoted to the study of submicroscopic cell structure and function. I was granted an unusual form of tenure, and I remained with the Department, renamed the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, until my retirement in 1993.

Zane, wife Margaret, and daughter Peggy live in Los Angeles and often attend San Diego Forum meetings. He has an impressive list of publications, workshops/seminars taught, professional organization memberships, and awards/fellowships such asWho's Who in the West,Leaders in American Science,Men of Achievement(England), andFellow Royal Microscopical Society.

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