IBMTE: Implications for Education/Governance

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IBMTE - Does the viewing of those five letters elicit any emotion as you read this announcement? Should such a viewing trigger some kind of response? What do those initials stand for? From whence did they originate? Why devote a San Diego Adventist Forum discussion to this topic?

If you've had occasion to read Dr. Fritz Guy's guest editorial in the current issue ofSpectrum, adroitly captioned:Is There a Train Wreck in the Adventist Future, you have some understanding of the magnitude of the problem facing Adventism. (If you haven't read this - yet - would strongly recommend such reading as background for the August 10 meeting.)

Dr. David Larson, not a newcomer as a presenter at San Diego Forum, provides the following perspective on the topic:

“Several years ago the leaders of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists voted to establish a new entity called the International Board for Ministerial Training and Education. Once it is fully operational, the overall purpose of this Board will be to maintain and develop a dynamic theological unity throughout the denomination. It will do so in part by certifying every five years individuals who are authorized to teach religion on the denomination’s college and university campuses throughout the world.”

“Although the goal of fostering dynamic theological unity is generally accepted, this method of doing so is not endorsed by all members and leaders of our church. Discussions therefore continue at the General Conference and elsewhere about the best way to proceed.”

"The purposes of the presentation on August 10 are to (1) review this recent history, (2) to survey the options that are now being considered, and (3) to recommend some alternatives for further consideration. Because this story iscurrently unfolding, what is said and done on this occasion will be noticed around the circle. We hope and pray that all of us who assemble on for this Forum meeting can make a positive contribution to the life of our church."


Depending upon how things unfold, David R. Larson will either make a presentation regarding these matters or moderate a panel that discusses them. He is a professor in the Faculty of Religion at Loma Linda University where he has taught since 1974. He is a graduate of Pacific Union College (BA, 1968), Claremont School of Theology (DMin, 1973), and Claremont Graduate University (PhD, 1982). He specializes in Christian ethics, has edited one book, and published a number of articles. He is also the current president of the Association of Adventist Forums. Its web site His personal web site¸both of which are worth checking out. He is married to Bronwen Larson and the father of three adult children.

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