Topic “Adventist doctrine”

SDA's Dilemma

Speaker: Categories: Jun 05, 1982


[53min, 50sec / 46min, 57sec]

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1844: Message for Our Time

Speaker: Categories: Mar 10, 1982


[1hr, 16min, 6sec / 31min, 10sec]

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Protestant De-formation, a Treatise on Martin Luthor

Speaker: Categories: Nov 12, 1983


[56min, 18sec / 41min, 30sec]


Doctor Landa is Chairman of the Department of Historical Studies @ LL U. He received his doctorate in Reformation Studies from Vanderbilt University where he studied under Wilhelm Pauck - one of America's foremost Luther scholars.

Doctor Landa is currently the managing editor of Adventist Heritage (a journal devoted exclusively to the study of Adventist history).


The Shut Door

Speaker: Categories: Jan 08, 1983


[1hr, 1min, 25sec / 53min, 23sec]

No additional description available.

Turning the World Upside Down: Do SDAs Have a Unique Gospel?

Speaker: Categories: Feb 09, 1985


[58min, 58sec / 37min, 37sec]


Intensive research in recent years has focused on the problem of legalism and isolationism in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Several hundred ministers have left their work (and some have left the church) because they believe that the church is more committed to legalism than it is to the authentic gospel message. These realities might cause us to consider the following questions:

The Immorality of Miracles

Speaker: Categories: Sep 13, 1986


[57min, 33sec / 57min, 39sec]


Miracles hold a special fascination! We hear of a spectacular "healing" in some distant locale or a supernatural delivery from imminent danger and our attention is aroused.

Des Ford Speaks on Good New Unlimited

Speaker: Categories: Aug 12, 1989


[1hr / 1hr, 39sec]


Nine years ago this month, August of 1980, "Glacier View" was destined to become a part of the Adventist geographic lexicon along with "Battle Creek," "Minneapolis," "Elmshaven," "Takoma Park," "Loma Linda," and . . .  It was just nine years ago when a "hearing" was held to consider an alternative interpretation of a Seventh-day Adventist "landmark doctrine."

Adventism at the Crossroads

Speaker: Categories: Jun 09, 1990


[50min, 48sec / 1hr, 2min, 42sec]


Just what is "an Adventist" today? With all the apparent changes in the church, does one really know an answer to that question? Does a shift of emphasis in typical Seventh-day Adventist sermons and in articles published by the SDA press portend a simultaneous shift in what makes one "Adventist"?

Current Trends in Adventist Theology

Speaker: Categories: Jul 13, 1991


[1hr, 19min, 16sec / 40min, 3sec]


Have you heard any good rumors lately about where the Adventist church is headed theologically? Have you received any panicked publications decrying the wholesale abandonment of the "pillar doctrines" or, perhaps even worse, the subtle changes making inroads covertly into SDA thinking? Are the alarmists justified in their concerns? Should we equally concerned?

Faith and Reason: Are They Compatible?

Speaker: Categories: Oct 09, 1993


[1hr, 19min, 20sec / 27min, 36sec]


There seems to be a frustrating paradox within Christianity. We are to act on faith -- based on reason! Is one of these, faith or reason, of greater value? Do some believers have the gift of faith? Do others have a gift of reason? Spectacular achievements are heralded as triumphs of faith. Are there not, also, triumphs of reason?

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