Topic “hermeneutics”

Scriptural Models and Metaphors: The Power of the Visual Word

Speaker: Categories: Nov 13, 2004


[56min, 40sec / 50min, 17sec]


The Impact of Oral Tradition and Scribal Activity on Development of Biblical Text

Speaker: Categories: Jul 11, 2009


[1hr, 9min, 26sec / 51min, 34sec]

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Church: Can Any Adventist Thing Come out of Qumran?

Speaker: Categories: Mar 14, 2009


[1hr, 16min, 24sec / 58min]

Biblical Texts and Homosexual Practices

Speaker: Categories: Jan 10, 2009


[1hr, 10min, 34sec / 1hr, 13min, 48sec]

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