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Speaker: Categories: Jan 06, 2018


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Homosexuality within the church.

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From “Don't ask, don't tell” to “Thanks for asking me to be an elder” - - How One Congregation Moved from Exclusion to Inclusion of its LGBT Community

Speaker: Categories: Sep 14, 2013

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The Church and Homosexuality

Speaker: Categories: Jan 12, 1985


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Elder Sandefur has indicated that: "Contemporary Christian opinion regarding the morality of homosexual acts ranges from (the view) that such acts are sinful, to the view that such acts are natural and good."

He then asks: "How ought Seventh-day Adventists to arrive at a position and response that is (1) biblically based, (2) theologically sound, and (3) caring and compassionate?"

Christianity and Homosexuality: Ethical Concerns

Speaker: Categories: Oct 13, 2001


[1hr, 18min, 33sec / 1hr, 2min, 5sec]


This topic merits a bit of historical review as an introduction. On January 12, 1985, at 3:30 p.m. a San Diego Adventist Forum meeting was held in the fellowship hall of one of San Diego's larger SDA churches. The topic: Homosexuality. The presenter: Charl es Sandefeur at that time pastor of the Corona, California, SDA church. The newsletter announcing this meeting contained the following paragraphs, submitted by the speaker:

A Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality

Speaker: Categories: Oct 11, 2003


[1hr, 19min, 5sec / 46min, 41sec]


"Homo,” or"homosexual,"or"homosexuality"- how does your mind respond to these terms? Are your responses different if you isolate them from a religious church setting? How about over time -- do you find your response(s) to these terms today to be different than in years gone by? To what extent, if any, has contemporary culture influenced, maybe even dramatically modified, your response? If modified, is that cause for concern - or appreciation.

Natural Law, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Politics of Virtue

Speaker: Categories: Sep 10, 2005


[45min, 46sec / 38min, 14sec]


Few other issues have captured the attention of the Christian communities as has that of same-sex marriage. Each of the opposing views has ably supported its perspective from the canon of Scripture, from tradition, and from traditionally considered to be normative behavior. Is there a right view today which may differ from a right view decades or centuries ago? Do moral virtues change over time?

"Proposition 8" and Adventism: Implications, Involvements, Effects?

Speaker: Categories: Feb 14, 2009


[1hr, 18min, 35sec / 25min, 51sec]

Biblical Texts and Homosexual Practices

Speaker: Categories: Jan 10, 2009


[1hr, 10min, 34sec / 1hr, 13min, 48sec]

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