Topic “Adventism and politics”

A North American Division: Myth, Milestone or Mirage?

Speaker: Categories: Nov 21, 1989


This lecture has only one CD/MP3]

[42min, 6sec]


The Waco Syndrome and its Relation to Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Sep 11, 1993


[58min, 28sec / 42min, 1sec]


Just over six months ago, February 28, 1993, worldwide attention was drawn to a curious episode in Waco, Texas. There the media provided live coverage of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms engaged in a fifty-one day confrontation with residents of Ranch Apocalypse which ended in a fiery inferno on April 19!

The South African Commission: Reconciliation or ?

Speaker: Categories: Jul 14, 2001


[1hr, 18min, 56sec / 45min, 42sec]


What has been (or should have been) the SDA organizational involvement in politics -- at home or abroad -- in recent years? Is it possible, even desirable, at times to mix religion and politics? If such potential mixing is far distant from denominational headquarters, might the answer(s) to some of the above questions be swayed?

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