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The Truth Shall Make You Free

Speaker: Categories: Feb 11, 1984


[58min, 36sec / 45min, 38sec]


Doctor Knittel has been on the "front line" in dealing with the current issues that are confronting Adventism. He is a contributor to Spectrum. Since resigning from the Presidency at Southern College, he has been pursuing advanced studies in Southern California. Most recently he has been appointed to the Chairmanship of the English Department at Loma Linda University.


1. How progressive is TRUTH?

A Biblical Perspective on Jewelry

Speaker: Categories: Mar 12, 1988


[58min, 7sec / 49min, 45sec]


A Method of Biblical Interpretation for the Modern Adventist Mind

Speaker: Categories: Jan 11, 1992


[1hr, 9min, 22sec / 31min, 31sec]


Is there more than one way to interpret the Bible? If so, is there one way which is better than another? Is there a right way? If so, who decides?

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Speaker: Categories: Jul 10, 1993


[1hr, 17min, 16sec / 40min, 7sec]


Much has been published and presented during the last decade regarding Dr. Desmond Ford, that fateful Forum meeting at Pacific Union College, and the subsequent reverberations resulting in Glacier View and the defrocking of an eminent Adventist theologian and professor. At our July 10 meeting, Dr. Jack Cassell will for the first time make public some of the forces and events associated with this Adventist epoch (debacle)!

The Ethos of Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Aug 08, 1998


[57min, 58sec / 36min, 49sec]


What’s Fundamental about the Twenty-Seven?

Speaker: Categories: Sep 12, 1998


[1hr, 18min, 42sec / 56min, 2sec]


Stages of Faith Development: Maturing SDAs

Speaker: Categories: Apr 13, 2002


[55min, 27sec / 43min, 19sec]


When James W. Fowler's book, Stages of Faith, made its debut more than twenty years ago, it both answered and raised a host of questions. Some saw it as a pallid endeavor to explain the Christian spiritual growth experience. Others viewed it as a credible depiction of the process all persons go through as they seek to make sense out of the changes encountered in becoming more mature.

Embracing the Stranger: Toward an Adventist Theology of Migration

Speaker: Categories: Oct 10, 2009


[53min, 22sec / 39min, 45sec]

The Open Remnant: A Biblical and Historical Vision

Speaker: Categories: Nov 08, 2008


[1hr, 11min, 40sec / 1hr, 6min, 51sec]

"Questions on Doctrine"and the Purple State of SDA Theology

Speaker: Categories: Jul 12, 2008


[1hr, 14min, 59sec / 51min, 50sec]

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