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Anxiety Over Ordaining Women: A Root Cause Analysis

Speaker: Categories: Jan 21, 2017


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[1 hr, 17min, 20 sec]




Michael Scofield presents a careful analysis of the factors which have led the Seventh-day Adventist Church to its current predicament related to the issue of women's ordination.


Communication Technology and the Four Ages of Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Aug 08, 1992


[1hr, 3min, 41sec / 34min, 11sec]


Models for Understanding SDA Pluralism

Speaker: Categories: Nov 14, 1998


[57min, 30sec / 53min, 15sec]


Paraphrasing a statement of commitment well-known to many readers might serve to introduce the November 13 discussion --One denomination, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Does that fit? Can this be applied to the Seventh-day Adventist church world-wide? Is thereONEdenomination,indivisible, withliberty, or at leastjustice, for all?

Sabbath and Sabbath-Keeping– Today

Speaker: Categories: Nov 13, 1999


[1hr, 17min, 9sec / 59min, 16sec]


Eating out, wading at the beach, hiking in the mountains (with backpack), watching TV news, driving far enough to require refueling the car . . . . Which of these might be consideredproperSabbath activities now, but not in the days of your youth? Why/Why not? Does theiroptionalnature influence the decision?

Market-Driven Theology: Retarding the Growth of Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Jul 14, 2007


[1hr, 1min, 34sec / 45min, 28sec]

NAD Higher Education: Which College Will Fail First?

Speaker: Categories: Aug 08, 2009


[1hr, 14min, 28sec / 30min, 59sec]

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