Topic “Desmond Ford”

Perils of a Christian Bureaucracy

Speaker: Categories: Oct 10, 1981


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[1hr, 19min, 31sec]

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The Book of Revelation Revisited

Speaker: Categories: Jan 10, 1987


[1hr, 1min, 16sec / 50min, 13sec]


Dr. Ford's dissertation study, for his second earned doctorate, published by University Press of America, focused on New Testament eschatology. A scholarly interpretation of the Book of Revelation accounted for a significant portion of that treatise.

Des Ford Speaks on Good New Unlimited

Speaker: Categories: Aug 12, 1989


[1hr / 1hr, 39sec]


Nine years ago this month, August of 1980, "Glacier View" was destined to become a part of the Adventist geographic lexicon along with "Battle Creek," "Minneapolis," "Elmshaven," "Takoma Park," "Loma Linda," and . . .  It was just nine years ago when a "hearing" was held to consider an alternative interpretation of a Seventh-day Adventist "landmark doctrine."

The New Age Octopus

Speaker: Categories: Jan 12, 1991


[43min, 17sec / 38min, 38sec]


Interest in the New Age Movement varies dramatically. For some, the term itself may be unknown; to others, the term elicits an immediate, negative response. Many, however, have heard about aspects of the Movement, though not associating them directly.

But why should I be concerned about the New Age Movement even if I'm not involved with it? Could it influence my religious views?

The Sabbath and the Gospel

Speaker: Categories: Apr 08, 1995


[56min, 39sec / 30min, 50sec]


This month's speaker and topic, as happens quite often, were suggested by a member of the San Diego Forum who felt that it would be beneficial to hear Dr. Ford's conclusions regarding the Sabbath question based on his ongoing biblical research. So, the invitation was extended and, as always, most graciously accepted.

My Vision for the Church

Speaker: Categories: Jul 07, 1998


[1hr, 18min / 1hr, 17min, 25sec]


The Seventh-day Adventist Church (my church, your church, our church) of the future - - what will it be? What should it be? What would we want it to be? What is it likely to be?

Adventism and the Holy Spirit

Speaker: Categories: Jul 08, 2000


[1hr, 19min, 30sec / 43min, 34sec]


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