Topic “Arthur Patrick”

Revisioning the Role of EGW

Speaker: Categories: Jan 10, 1998


[58min, 58sec / 39min, 52sec]


Continuity and Change in Seventh-day Adventist Doctrine and Practice

Speaker: Categories: Jul 12, 2003


[57min, 47sec / 57min, 47sec]


Some have noted that any viable institution, even the persons who compose such, must change or become no longer viable - hence, irrelevant!

But change, even change for the better, most often meets some opposition, resistance in order to maintain thestatus quo.'What was good theology, good practice, ten years or twenty or fifty years ago, is still good today, isn't it? After all, God says he changes not."

The Life and Times of Ellen White: Fact and Faith in the First Scholarly Introduction to the Adventist Prophet?

Speaker: Categories: Nov 14, 2009


[1hr, 1min, 44sec / 50min, 46sec]

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