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The Truth Shall Make You Free

Speaker: Categories: Feb 11, 1984


[58min, 36sec / 45min, 38sec]


Doctor Knittel has been on the "front line" in dealing with the current issues that are confronting Adventism. He is a contributor to Spectrum. Since resigning from the Presidency at Southern College, he has been pursuing advanced studies in Southern California. Most recently he has been appointed to the Chairmanship of the English Department at Loma Linda University.


1. How progressive is TRUTH?

SDA Education: Can It Survive?

Speaker: Categories: Aug 09, 1986


[57min, 45sec / 33min, 49sec]


The Agony and Ecstasy of Loma Linda Accreditation

Speaker: Categories: Oct 21, 1989


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[1hr, 18min, 47sec]


Accreditation -- what is it and who needs it? What's a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher education doing trying to seek the approbation and commendation of "the world" anyway? Are we not losing our identity, our peculiarness, the uniqueness of our mission by submitting our educational institutions to "outside" scrutiny?

The Southern College Saga

Speaker: Categories: Apr 11, 1992


[55min, 29sec / 29min, 20sec]


History can be horrifying It can also be enlightening and informing! Learning from past experiences, though challenging and demanding, may also be the mark of intelligence. Unfortunately, the record seems to confirm that humankind, more often than not, chooses to repeat the past rather than learn from it. Is that true in the Adventist church setting, as well?

To Be or Not to Be: E.G.W.

Speaker: Categories: May 14, 1994


[56min, 46sec / 29min, 51sec]


Undoubtedly many readers have at some time in life been confronted by the words, "But Ellen G. White says . . . ." Most likely that comment abruptly terminated whatever discussion was in progress! But that comment also undoubtedly left many questions unresolved, perhaps leaving some questions even more indelibly etched in the minds of those hearing.

Adventism in the New Millennium– Survival

Speaker: Categories: Feb 13, 1999


[49min, 10sec / 36min, 41sec]


SURVIVAL! Not growth, church planting, missions expansion, but SURVIVAL! Not Net'99, not tithe reversion, not celebration-style versus traditional service, BUT SURVIVAL!!

The concept is rather foreign to Adventist thinking. For the most part, it has been assumed, almost guaranteed, that the movement which was divinely blessed a century and a half ago would continue as an ever expanding force untoall the worldand thenwould the end come.

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