Topic “Steve Daily”

Against All Odds: Keeping our North American Adventist Youth

Speaker: Categories: Apr 11, 1987


[56min, 47sec / 33min, 9sec]


Some might wonder just why FORUM would choose to explore the topic: Adventism and Its Youth. Does this fit into the general concerns of FORUM, i.e., the issues and the options confronting the church? One might also ponder whether concern for this topic is a recent, 1980's phenomenon.

Adventism for a New Generation

Speaker: Categories: Apr 09, 1994


[1hr, 10min, 45sec / 50min, 38sec]


Many who will be reading this will have read Steve Daily's book, Adventism for a New Generation, by the time this meeting announcement arrives. That group has already experienced a kind of church culture shock, a painful awareness, that there are a host of challenges facing the church - - the church in which we have chosen to place our membership and in which we choose to invest our energies.

Contemporary SDA Sexual Mores

Speaker: Categories: Nov 11, 2000


[1hr, 17min, 54sec / 48min, 39sec]


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