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Ordination of Women: Past, Present, Future


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[1hr, 19min, 57sec]


Prophet in a Changing World

Speaker: Categories: May 06, 1982


[56min, 44sec / 49min, 32sec]

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The Shape of an Adventist Future

Speaker: Categories: May 23, 1987


[57min, 17sec / 50min, 4sec]


Churches (or denominations), like people, are dynamic. They mature. They change. However, the changes, though inevitable, are not totally predictable. Nor are they easily discerned! Too often, the awareness of the change comes late -- the needed fence repair is discovered after the horse is out!

What causes these changes? Are they controllable? Are these inevitable events of growth and maturation even desirable?

Change in Adventist Education: The Costs, The Benefits, The Inevitability

Speaker: Categories: Mar 13, 1993


[1hr, 11min / 22min, 35sec]


Are you an alumnus/alumna of Adventist higher education? Did you ever attend an Adventist college or university? If not, do you wish you had? Would you (or did you) send your children to attend your alma mater or any other SDA institution of higher education? How about your grandchildren?

Adventism on the Way to the Future

Speaker: Categories: Feb 11, 1995


[55min, 8sec / 50min, 56sec]


The future -- it's uncertain, unpredictable, yet exciting. The future of Adventism is certainly no exception. Fortunately, there are individuals within the church who are pondering what that future might be like. The February presentation will give evidence of such ponderings as Dr. Fritz Guy returns to San Diego.

Women's Ordination, La Sierra University Church: A Confrontation or a Matter of Conscience?

Speaker: Categories: Jul 13, 1996


[1hr, 12min, 43sec / 44min, 9sec]


The Story Behind the 27 Fundamental Beliefs

Speaker: Categories: Apr 08, 2000


[1hr, 19min, 35sec / 1hr, 15min, 29sec]


Then a Miracle Occurs!: Harmonizing the Disparate Realms of Science and Religion

Speaker: Categories: Jul 10, 2004


[56min, 39sec / 48min, 2 sec]


Without doubt each reader of this announcement has had to address the tension of how to harmonize Scripture (at least in the way it was taught in years passed) with the world of scientific inquiry and conclusions. This tension, for some, has proven too stressful and, rather than continuing to seek answers, these persons have chosen to separate themselves from Adventism entirely. Some of those who have made such a separation may be family or very close friends of Forum members.

Genesis 1: What in the World did that First Hebrew Audience Hear?

Speaker: Categories: Jan 08, 2011


[1hr, 4min, 49sec / 58min, 25sec]

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