Topic “David Larson”

Form and Matter in Sexual Love

Speaker: Categories: May 12, 1984


[1hr, 6sec / 36min, 31sec]


Dr. Larson is Associate Professor of Christian Ethics & Religion @ L. L. U. He is also Associate Director of the Center for Christian Bioethics @ L. L. U. He is a member of the University committee dealing with fetal malformations. He is the author of numerous publications, one of his recent ones is entitled "A Closer Look at the Sexual Revolution."


1. Is love a necessary condition for sexual intimacy?

The Immorality of Miracles

Speaker: Categories: Sep 13, 1986


[57min, 33sec / 57min, 39sec]


Miracles hold a special fascination! We hear of a spectacular "healing" in some distant locale or a supernatural delivery from imminent danger and our attention is aroused.

Is Christianity the Only True Religion?

Speaker: Categories: Aug 12, 1995


[1hr, 17min, 37sec / 39min, 36sec]


For some the very title of this month's Forum presentation elicits a negative, perhaps even angry, response. In fact, when contact was first made with Dr. Larson to inquire about his availability for a return visit to San Diego and this title was suggested, this writer swallowed slowly and took a deep breath. After all, we've all known the answer to that question -- haven't we?

The Wesleyan Quadrilateral and Adventist Theology

Speaker: Categories: Apr 13, 1996


[53min, 12sec / 32min, 14sec]


It's always a pleasure when a previous San Diego Forum speaker expresses an interest in returning to present some more recent insights or understandings which he/she has discovered. That is exactly what happened following Dr. Larson's August, 1995, presentation, Is Christianity the Only True Religion. He had made another discovery which he felt San Diego Forum-types might enjoy. Consequently, he was scheduled for the then next available date, April 13, 1996.

Christianity and Homosexuality: Ethical Concerns

Speaker: Categories: Oct 13, 2001


[1hr, 18min, 33sec / 1hr, 2min, 5sec]


This topic merits a bit of historical review as an introduction. On January 12, 1985, at 3:30 p.m. a San Diego Adventist Forum meeting was held in the fellowship hall of one of San Diego's larger SDA churches. The topic: Homosexuality. The presenter: Charl es Sandefeur at that time pastor of the Corona, California, SDA church. The newsletter announcing this meeting contained the following paragraphs, submitted by the speaker:

IBMTE: Implications for Education/Governance

Speaker: Categories: Aug 10, 2002


[56min, 14sec / 56min, 14sec]


IBMTE - Does the viewing of those five letters elicit any emotion as you read this announcement? Should such a viewing trigger some kind of response? What do those initials stand for? From whence did they originate? Why devote a San Diego Adventist Forum discussion to this topic?

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