Topic “Zane Price”

Tradition and Enlightenment and the Genesis of Genesis

Speaker: Categories: Jul 13, 2002


[1hr, 19min, 44sec / 1hr, 2min, 38sec]


This first meeting of the new San Diego Adventist Forum year (July 1,2002 - June 30,2003) takes a look back - a very long way back. In fact, the look will probably take us back further than many ever thought possible. Can you imagine, for instance, inhabitants on earthpredatingthe Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve?

The Seventh of the Seven: The Origin of the Weekly Rest Day

Speaker: Categories: Apr 10, 2004


(Note - this lecture is 1 CD only. Just the lecture, there was no Q&A recorded)

[1hr, 18min]


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