Topic “Douglas Hackleman”

Does the Present "State of the Art" (investigation of plagarism) Support or Refute Walter Rea's The White Lie?

Speaker: Categories: Nov 13, 1982


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1. E. G. White copied from at least seventeen authors; in a word, the evidence for plagiarism is devastating.

2. Her adamant denials of any human intervention in her work is incomprehensible.

3. Her writings are used as the final, infallible interpreter of Scripture for the denomination.

4. Is originality too much to ask of a prophet?

5. What are the ethics in literary borrowing?

Perverting the Process: an Assessment of the Seventh Triennial Session of the Southeastern California Conference

Speaker: Categories: Apr 10, 1993


[1hr, 4min, 45sec / 1hr, 1min, 15sec]


Conference constituency meetings, for some, connote politics and palaver. Others see such gatherings as opportunities for personal participation in doing the work of the church. Some would never, ever serve as delegates -- they've gone once and experienced burnout! Others, perhaps more foolhardy, look forward to such occasions.

The Absence of Free Will and Some Implications for Christian (specifically SDA) Theology: A Pawn's Progress.

Speaker: Categories: May 18, 2002


[56min, 59sec / 36min, 31sec]


"When I assumed the existence of free will, it appeared to provide solution of sorts for a number of intractable theological dilemmas pertaining to the nature of God, the problem of evil, the legitimacy of the judgment and the place of humanity in the cosmos,"says this month's speaker.

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