Topic “Gary Chartier”

Natural Law, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Politics of Virtue

Speaker: Categories: Sep 10, 2005


[45min, 46sec / 38min, 14sec]


Few other issues have captured the attention of the Christian communities as has that of same-sex marriage. Each of the opposing views has ably supported its perspective from the canon of Scripture, from tradition, and from traditionally considered to be normative behavior. Is there a right view today which may differ from a right view decades or centuries ago? Do moral virtues change over time?

A New Paradigm for Theology: Love as the Center and the Norm

Speaker: Categories: May 09, 2009


[32min, 46sec / 59min, 12sec]

What's at the Center? LSU Students Explore ... SDA Beliefs

Speaker: Categories: Feb 13, 2010


[27min, 42sec / 42min, 8sec]

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