Topic “Adventist finance”

Tithing: the New Test of Employment

Speaker: Categories: Oct 11, 1986


[57min, 27sec / 25min, 11sec]


North American tithe giving has not kept pace with inflation. In other words, Seventh-day Adventists are supporting the church less today, in real dollars, than in times past. Interpretations of this trend include a suspicion that, since Davenport, members have chosen to divert the funds to agencies of their choice rather than funneling the funds through the "approved" channels.


Money, Mission and Management

Speaker: Categories: Jan 13, 1996


[1hr, 11min, 26sec / 1hr, 8min, 12sec]


There was a time when planning sessions within the structure of Adventism addressed the challenges associated with growth. Increases in membership necessitated increased or enlarged facilities for worship services. And new or enlarged church groups required additional pastoral staffing. The future was bright, almost glowing.

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