Topic “philosophy”

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Speaker: Categories: Feb 11, 1984


[58min, 36sec / 45min, 38sec]


Doctor Knittel has been on the "front line" in dealing with the current issues that are confronting Adventism. He is a contributor to Spectrum. Since resigning from the Presidency at Southern College, he has been pursuing advanced studies in Southern California. Most recently he has been appointed to the Chairmanship of the English Department at Loma Linda University.


1. How progressive is TRUTH?

Personal Life: When Does it Begin, When Does it End?

Speaker: Categories: Apr 15, 1989


[57min, 40sec / 47min, 48sec]


Does the technology to save or prolong life make its use mandatory, obligatory, optional, or even ethical? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," under what circumstances and at whose discretion?

An even more haunting question is: "If you have the technology, the potential for saving or prolonging life and don't use it, is this tantamount to taking the life of another human~

Faith and Reason: Are They Compatible?

Speaker: Categories: Oct 09, 1993


[1hr, 19min, 20sec / 27min, 36sec]


There seems to be a frustrating paradox within Christianity. We are to act on faith -- based on reason! Is one of these, faith or reason, of greater value? Do some believers have the gift of faith? Do others have a gift of reason? Spectacular achievements are heralded as triumphs of faith. Are there not, also, triumphs of reason?

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