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Does the Present "State of the Art" (investigation of plagarism) Support or Refute Walter Rea's The White Lie?

Speaker: Categories: Nov 13, 1982


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1. E. G. White copied from at least seventeen authors; in a word, the evidence for plagiarism is devastating.

2. Her adamant denials of any human intervention in her work is incomprehensible.

3. Her writings are used as the final, infallible interpreter of Scripture for the denomination.

4. Is originality too much to ask of a prophet?

5. What are the ethics in literary borrowing?

Protestant De-formation, a Treatise on Martin Luthor

Speaker: Categories: Nov 12, 1983


[56min, 18sec / 41min, 30sec]


Doctor Landa is Chairman of the Department of Historical Studies @ LL U. He received his doctorate in Reformation Studies from Vanderbilt University where he studied under Wilhelm Pauck - one of America's foremost Luther scholars.

Doctor Landa is currently the managing editor of Adventist Heritage (a journal devoted exclusively to the study of Adventist history).


The Crisis at PUC

Speaker: Categories: May 14, 1983


[1hr, 1min, 52sec / 50min, 27sec]


Janice Von Pohle is an attorney in Calistoga, California and a member of the P. U. C. school board. At the request of the school administration, the board in November of 1981 established a fact-finding committee. Ms. Von Pohle served on this committee dealing with the following issues:


Church Authority Theory As Revealed In Equal Employment Opportunities Commission vs Pacific Press

Speaker: Categories: Mar 12, 1983


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The Shut Door

Speaker: Categories: Jan 08, 1983


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No additional description available.

The Azaria Case - Could Fiction Be So Strange?

Speaker: Categories: Apr 12, 1986


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Missionaries, Visionaries and Revolutionaries: the Experiences of Fernando and Ana Stahl in South America

Speaker: Categories: Oct 13, 1990


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Wash and Be Healed: the Water-Cure Movement

Speaker: Categories: Apr 13, 1991


[1hr, 12min, 26sec / 26min, 2sec]


Seventh-day Adventists have long been identified with a concern for good health and for "natural remedies" which might counter disease. Included among these "natural remedies" various types of water (hydrotherapy) treatments have had a very prominent part. Undoubtedly, some may even have had specialized training in the administration of such treatments.

The Adventist Theological Society: Diagnosis and Prognosis

Speaker: Categories: Jul 07, 1992


[1hr, 14min, 9sec / 39min, 13sec]


ATS -- if you remember those letters as standing for the American Temperance Society, you and this writer are probably dated!

In current parlance, ATS stands for the Adventist Theological Society. Do you know the "who," the "what," and the "why" of it?

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