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Issues Facing Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Nov 03, 1990


[1hr, 19min, 38sec / 42min, 37sec]


Four years ago, July, 1986, the title of our FORUM presentation was "Issues Facing Adventism." The speaker was Myron Widmer. Since that time significant "happenings" around the world and within the church have generated a host a new questions, identified a Pandora's box of new problems, and caused many to ponder the future and relevance of Seventh-day Adventism -- at least traditional Adventism. . .

Adventism and the Arts

Speaker: Categories: Sep 08, 1990


[58min, 10sec / 47min, 31sec]


Dr. Zackrison observes, "The subject of culture has been one of questionable discussion in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Culture is viewed with suspicion by some Christians, by others it is the creative expressions of God's greatest creation of all -- mankind. Among Adventists, however, culture has been viewed as humanistic and somehow against God."

The Myths of the Traditional Family

Speaker: Categories: Sep 14, 1991


[55min, 59sec / 56min, 51sec]


Do you remember those reading primers you first encountered in school? Do you remember Dick and Jane, Mother and Father, and, perhaps, Baby Sally. Of course, there was also Spot (the dog) and Puff (the cat). That was the traditional family. In fact, for many of us, that was the only family we experienced.

And then there was the kids' Sabbath School with more of the typical family. We (and our kids) sang about it:

Conflict and Violence: the Whys and the Therefores

Speaker: Categories: Aug 10, 1991


[1hr, 12min / 38min, 19sec]


The New Age Octopus

Speaker: Categories: Jan 12, 1991


[43min, 17sec / 38min, 38sec]


Interest in the New Age Movement varies dramatically. For some, the term itself may be unknown; to others, the term elicits an immediate, negative response. Many, however, have heard about aspects of the Movement, though not associating them directly.

But why should I be concerned about the New Age Movement even if I'm not involved with it? Could it influence my religious views?

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