Topic “Alberta Mazat”

Speaking Up For Sexuality

Speaker: Categories: Jul 13, 1985


[59min, 42sec / 22min, 6sec]


"Are We Making a Religion out of Sex?"

That's the question raised by J. Randall Petersen, in the center-fold (pardon the expression) article of the May, 1985 Signs of the Times. "We are bombarded" begins his essay, with sexual statistics, sexual images, sexual urges -- but our world is really just one high-tech step away from the Canaanites or Corinthians."

Changing Patterns of Loving

Speaker: Categories: Jan 13, 1990


[56min, 55sec / 47min, 10sec]


This month's topic may seem unusual for a FORUM presentation The title which was originally considered for this presentation, "New Ways of Loving," would probably have raised even further question about the appropriateness of such a discussion on a Sabbath afternoon at a FORUM meeting to be conducted in a Seventh-day Adventist church facility.

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