Topic “faith and culture”

The Challange of a Changing Faith

Speaker: Categories: Mar 10, 1990


[57min, 9sec / 34min, 35sec]


Just over a year ago, Seventh-day Adventists around the world devoted attention to the "Twenty-seven Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists" through the adult Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly. That two-quarter, in-depth study was designed to help solidify and validate our belief system.

Soul Making: Learning to Live with the Paradox of Faith and Culture

Speaker: Categories: Feb 10, 1990


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[1hr, 12min, 29sec]


"In the world, but not of the world.

"Relevant, but not conforming."

"Warm, winsome, appealing, but uncompromising, distinctly different, and peculiar."

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