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Challenges Facing Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Jul 12, 1986


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After Glacier View, the questions about inspiration and the role of Ellen G. White, the Davenport affair, women as pastors, church reorganization - what issues still demand attention? Who is in position to identify these challenges - church administrators, pastors, church employees, laity? Who's responsible for addressing these challenges? Who can or should become involved?

Issues Facing Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Nov 03, 1990


[1hr, 19min, 38sec / 42min, 37sec]


Four years ago, July, 1986, the title of our FORUM presentation was "Issues Facing Adventism." The speaker was Myron Widmer. Since that time significant "happenings" around the world and within the church have generated a host a new questions, identified a Pandora's box of new problems, and caused many to ponder the future and relevance of Seventh-day Adventism -- at least traditional Adventism. . .

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