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The Bumpy Road to Remnantville: Its Potholes, Detours, Dead Ends, and U-Turns.

Speaker: Categories: Nov 23, 2019


[1 disk only: 56min, 42sec ]


Perils of a Christian Bureaucracy

Speaker: Categories: Oct 10, 1981


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[1hr, 19min, 31sec]

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Does the Adventist Church Need Reorganization?

Speaker: Categories: Oct 08, 1983


[57min, 56sec / 53min, 52sec]


George Colvin is a Doctoral Candidate in Political Science and Government at Claremont College. He is Chairman of the Constitution Committee, South Eastern California Conference of SDAs. He is participating in the Adventist Forum Task Force in Lay participation and Church government.


1. Is the present administrative structure (General, Union, Local Conferences) effective today?

2. Does the Adventist Church have a Government?

The Southern College Saga

Speaker: Categories: Apr 11, 1992


[55min, 29sec / 29min, 20sec]


History can be horrifying It can also be enlightening and informing! Learning from past experiences, though challenging and demanding, may also be the mark of intelligence. Unfortunately, the record seems to confirm that humankind, more often than not, chooses to repeat the past rather than learn from it. Is that true in the Adventist church setting, as well?

Why Leaders Must Not Be Trusted

Speaker: Categories: Aug 14, 1993


[1hr, 18min, 55sec / 30min, 54sec]


How should a modern-day church be organized and administered? Though one might frequently hear references made to "following the New Testament model," was a model for church structure and administration provided (or intended) in the New Testament writings?

Perverting the Process: an Assessment of the Seventh Triennial Session of the Southeastern California Conference

Speaker: Categories: Apr 10, 1993


[1hr, 4min, 45sec / 1hr, 1min, 15sec]


Conference constituency meetings, for some, connote politics and palaver. Others see such gatherings as opportunities for personal participation in doing the work of the church. Some would never, ever serve as delegates -- they've gone once and experienced burnout! Others, perhaps more foolhardy, look forward to such occasions.

A Judicial Branch in Church Governance: Is it Time?

Speaker: Categories: May 08, 2004


[1hr, 19min, 10sec / 1hr, 2min, 23sec]


Market-Driven Theology: Retarding the Growth of Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Jul 14, 2007


[1hr, 1min, 34sec / 45min, 28sec]

Filthy Lucre

Speaker: Categories: Mar 13, 2010


[46min, 26sec / 33min, 46sec]

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