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What's Adventist about Adventist Higher Education

Speaker: Categories: Aug 14, 2010


[49min, 56sec / 42min, 57sec]

CognitiveGenesis: Assessing Adventist Academics in the North American Division

Speaker: Categories: Sep 11, 2010


[48min, 9sec / 52min, 17sec]

NAD Higher Education: Which College Will Fail First?

Speaker: Categories: Aug 08, 2009


[1hr, 14min, 28sec / 30min, 59sec]

Trends in Adventist Education: Do We Need a New Strategy?

Speaker: Categories: Oct 11, 2008


September, 1948! Small town, northern Wisconsin, population 7500. An SDA church. A school board and board chairperson. A just-constructed one-room school house. School room furnishings - mostly used, restored, and refinished. Everything ready for the school year to begin in an environment where kindergartners through eighth-graders could be educatedWITHOUThaving to experience public school! Everything's ready - EXCEPT-- no teacher hired, no teacher on contract!

The Intersection of Faith and Film: Classroom, Living Room, Sanctuary

Speaker: Categories: Jan 09, 2010


[1hr, 8min, 8sec / 36min, 1sec]

What's at the Center? LSU Students Explore ... SDA Beliefs

Speaker: Categories: Feb 13, 2010


[27min, 42sec / 42min, 8sec]

Challenges Facing Adventist Higher Education

Speaker: Categories: Nov 10, 2007


[1hr, 12min, 38sec / 41min, 20sec]


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