Topic “eschatology”

Death, Resurrection and Eternal Life

Speaker: Categories: Feb 08, 2020


[1 disk only: 1hr, 18min, 24sec ]


Reinder Bruinsma, former Executive Secretary of the Trans-European Division and President of the Netherlands Union, speaks on the subject of his latest book, "Death, Resurrection and Eternal Life."  His honest and candid presentation at our Forum two years ago, “Facing Doubt: Why Many Leave, and Why I am Staying," was well-received. 


E.G. White's Eschatology

Speaker: Categories: Jan 10, 1981


[1hr, 17min, 37sec / 24min, 32sec]

There is no additional description for this lecture.

1844: Message for Our Time

Speaker: Categories: Mar 10, 1982


[1hr, 16min, 6sec / 31min, 10sec]

No additional description available.

Surviving Christianity

Speaker: Categories: Aug 13, 2005


[57min, 29sec / 47min, 13sec]


Surviving Christianity- That title for this month's presentation seems rather disconcerting. Haven't SDAs always contended that becoming a Christian, being a Christian, makes one a part of God's family and, therefore, under his loving care? Would not such loving care also bring comfort, protection, and consolation when needed?

"A Time, Times, and Half a Time,"The Period of Gospel Opposition

Speaker: Categories: May 14, 2005


[44min, 16sec / 37min, 31sec]


For most SDAs the title Pastor Christoffel has chosen for this presentation has a rather familiar wording. In fact, many who read this announcement will no doubt hear one or more Bible texts running in the back of their minds. But how recently might you have heard a contemporary treatment of the relevance and meaning of such texts? Larry Christoffel provides an informative overview in the following paragraphs.

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